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Birchwood Heating have been carrying out boiler installations in the Warrington, Liverpool and Manchester areas for over thirty years.


The staff at Birchwood Heating have a background as British Gas employees, so when it comes to installing of replacing boilers there is little they don’t know. If you are looking to replace your boiler or have a new boiler installed Birchwood Heating are the people to speak to.


The Birchwood Heating team will help you choose the best type of boiler and central heating system that is most suited to the needs of you and your family as well as the home you live in. Every person and every home has different requirements so through their strong experience and asking the right questions Birchwood Heating will be able to help you choose the replacement boiler and system that is best for you. The Birchwood Heating team give you all the advice that you need to be able to make the right decision, with no pushy sales techniques – just free help and advice.


Once you have chosen the boiler that suits your needs a Birchwood Heating specialist will then arrange a date and time that is convenient to you for the work to be carried out. The team at Birchwood Heating ensure that the job runs smoothly from start to finish and after completing the boiler installation project quickly and efficiently you will be left to enjoy the benefits of your new boiler.


Other Services Available:


Although Birchwood Heating expertise lies in the installation of new boilers of replacing boilers, the Birchwood Heating team are also extremely experienced and full trained in the following;


• Boiler Maintenance & Repair – if you’re concerned that your boiler is not as efficient as it should be or if it’s not working as well as it used to then give Birchwood Heating a call and they can come and repair your boiler for you, putting it back to its former glory.


• Boiler Servicing – It is highly recommended your boiler is checked annually, the team at Birchwood Heating can do this annual service for you to check that your boiler is in tip-top condition.



• Boiler Breakdowns – there is little worse than waking in the morning to find there is no hot water for a shower, or getting home to a cold house as the heating has packed in. If you find your boiler has stopped working Birchwood Heating can arrange an emergency visit for you to get your home warm again. The Birchwood Heating team know this service is invaluable to their customers, especially their more elderly customers or families with very young children.


If you have a problem with your boiler or central heating give the Birchwood Heating team a call;  they have the experience and know-how to get your home warm and cosy again



Boiler Replacements

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Energy Saving System Upgrades

(Thermostatic controls, etc)

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Full Central

Heating Installations

Boiler Repair



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and filter installation