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Through the governments Green Deal scheme homeowners are able to get a new boiler with a government grant. As Green Deal Approved suppliers Birchwood Eco Heating can offer their services through the government Green Deal scheme.


What is the Green Deal?


As a whole, the Green Deal works to fund a homeowner’s energy saving upgrades with no large upfront costs. As a customer you are given the loan and then you must pay it back over time through your energy bills.


How can the Green Deal & Birchwood Heating help your boiler?


If your boiler is getting old, has stopped working or there are more energy efficient models out there you can replace your boiler with the help of a Green Deal loan. If your boiler requires any improvements or repairs you will be expected to pay for this, but the large upfront cost of the new boiler installation or boiler replacement will be paid for with your Green Deal loan.


The Green Deal loan is then paid back to the government through your energy bills for up to twenty-five years, the rule of the Green Deal scheme is that the Green Deal loan repayments must be less than the money the homeowner is saving on their energy bills, so this means even with a new boiler and a government loan you are still saving money.


Not all boiler and heating companies have been Green Deal approved, Birchwood Eco Heating are one of the few companies that have been approved as Green Deal suppliers so why not contact them now to see how much money they can save you.


What are the key benefits of the Green Deal?


•With the Green Deal Scheme you can pay as you save, the repayments will never be more than the money you save on your energy bills


•There is up to £1000 cash back available from the government for a limited number of homes


•All Green Deal suppliers are approved to high standards so you can have peace of mind throughout the new boiler installation or boiler replacement


Contact the expert boiler team at Birchwood Heating now to see how much money they can save you, through the Green Deal scheme.



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